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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does Zarabelle Stand for?

Zarabelle was conceptualized on the basis of it being founded and built by two strong women. Hence Zara – Warrior and Belle – Beauty

How do we sign up as a talent?

It’s pretty easy, just send us three photos of yourself (Full & Portrait), your full name, age and contact details to our email ( and await a response accordingly.

Does Zarabelle have promo girls?

Zarabelle provide brand ambassadors for corporate brands who emulate class and confidence in themselves and the brand represented.

Is Zarabelle looking for internal staff?

When we are we will notify the public via social media.

When is the next casting?

Castings do not have set days or time periods in which they occur. Therefore, if you should miss one, the next will be advertise accordingly to the public via social media.

What kind of photograph should we send in?

The photos do not need to be professionally done as we have internal photoshoots periodically. They do however need to be clear, must have you alone in the shot, the camera used shouldn’t be seen in picture and the background should be plain.